About Us


Heritage Touch opened its first store in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1997. Today, we have 16 stores across 4 countries.

UAE’s cosmopolitan scene, with its discerning customers, demand exclusive and superior quality furnishings. Bespoke furnishings that could speak of their taste and add character to their homes. Heritage Touch recognizes this need, and caters to this niche segment.

At Heritage Touch we understand emotions that go into creating a home, so we refrain from “selling” and emphasize “suggesting” what would best suit your needs. Our way to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers.




At Heritage Touch, we honor traditions. We respect nature. And we want to leave a legacy for generations to come.

We love our planet – that’s why we shun machine based mass productions. Our products are handmade which means that our carbon footprint is very low.

We champion recycling through our reclaimed wood collections. Wood that would have been discarded and left to rot is given a new life. By reusing this wood, we discourage cutting down of trees.

We preserve tradition – through our initiative, the legacy of hand carved furniture has found a new lease of life. Hundreds of artisans, who were losing their heritage due to increase in factory based furniture production, find hope and a means of earning their living. We are not just a company employing people; we are a family. From each piece of furniture we sell, our artisans get a percentage of the profit. This is not a favor we are doing them, but this is what they truly deserve.


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